Unbelievable/Sad But True Sneak Peek (x)
Reminder: Due to the sensitive subject covered in this episode, it will air at 10PM EST/7PM PST on TeenNick. No time change for MTV.

Proof that Luke Baker is the one that assaulted Zoe at the party.


First and foremost, he WAS at the party.
photo 778557cb-7442-41c6-b8fb-1ce8f69c4acc_zps43024074.png

How do I know that’s him? Here’s a clip from the MTV promo where he’s talking to Becky. Look at the number on his jacket.
photo 295bd652-73e1-40d8-9077-e48cbff6dbba_zps3c43004b.png

Then, of course, there are the pictures.
photo 2e94de21-6073-4d7e-834e-a46895b6a071_zps92ff691b.png
Top left. Looks a lot like Luke, doesn’t it?

But even if it’s not, there’s still THIS clip from the 13c promo where Zoe is shoving Luke.
photo ScreenShot2014-03-05at125426PM_zps5bf44cb5.png
The caption isn’t great, but it is him.

Now, why would Zoe be attacking Luke? Unless, of course, he had something to do with her assault.

Lastly, why else would Becky Baker be in this storyline if Luke wasn’t somehow involved with what happened to Zoe?

First of all, the MTV promo raises a flag when Luke asks if she’s seen the pictures of the party. Why would he care unless he has something to hide? Like maybe taking advantage of a girl who’s too drunk to give her consent?

Secondly, we know he’s a pig who objectifies girls (his remarks about Imogen in “Dig Me Out”) AND, remember back in season 12 when he told Jenna that he couldn’t be with her because she TEMPTED him? Even though he had no problem making out with her?

Lastly, who else would Becky be talking to when she says, “Tell me what I’m seeing isn’t real.”
photo ScreenShot2014-03-05at10954PM_zps4f9ee9ed.png
Obviously she’s talking to someone in a team jacket. The only jock she has any connection to is Luke.

On top of that, she seems just as upset as Zoe does in the promos. Why? Because I imagine finding out that your brother, who you’ve known all your life, is capable of something so horrible would be pretty devastating.

It’s Luke.